God is above.

13 03 2008

Well, we had to take a week off in our study due to sick kids! This week the characteristic is God is above. The verse is Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17. What a comfort to know that God is above everything. That the one who is in charge of every single thing is good and pure and DOES NOT change. I’m so glad that God is not like me- inconsistent, constantly changing my mind.  He is above all and knows what is and what will be. Every last thing that happens to us is all according to his plan.  God is never surprised. Before I was born, God knew that I would marry Joe, that we would have Greta and then Miles. He knew we would live in Lincoln, and even what color our mini-van would be. Sometimes I wonder if God is really interested in the fine details of my life. He is above all and can see everything all at once. Does it really matter if I gossip about one person? Does it really matter if I am not supportive of my husband? Then I think of the amazing detail that goes into one single flower…created by God. If a flower created for the sole purpose of looking beautiful and giving off oxygen can be sooo detailed. I know that God cares that much more about all the details of my life. The details of this earth are not an accident, not a pleasant surprise. They were planned by a loving creator who is above all.




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14 03 2008

Really enjoyed reading all this. And love talking about our Lord and Savior. It is a good think to remember He is a all knowing God. He knows what we need when we need it, and our days are to bring us closer to Him in what ever circumstance we are in. I have been on my knees more lately with all sort of Prayer request to the point one has such a heavy heart. Yet our all knowing God wants to bring me to my knees and a closer relationship with Him. Little Miles and Greta are just lovely. God blessing to your family.
My love and Jesus’s too. sandy

14 03 2008

How MIND BOGGLING that He knows everything. Yesterday I was raking leaves and thought about the fact that He knows every leaf in my yard (thousands), and how many more leaves are scattered throughout the world! He is so great and awesome that He knows them all ! How much more must He care about us, who were created in His image! God is GREAT!

I’m glad we’re friends!

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