my amazing little boy.

30 03 2008

img_0839.jpgIt amazes me how much of a personality a 2 month old baby can have! I didn’t realize how much I loved his little personality until it was temporarily gone. After his surgery on Thursday- he was sleeping all of the time, not eating much and was definitely NOT smiling. It was so sad because he had just started to smile a lot. I had to wonder if he would ever return to his self. Miles normally eats ALL of the time and does not sleep very well. I never thought I’d miss these things. Yes, they are an inconvenience to me, but right now those are the things that make my little boy Miles. I am pleased to say that he woke up this morning (after a 2 hour stretch of sleep, very typical Miles) very much resembling the little boy that I know and love! After eating a HUGE breakfast, he played with his favorite toy and wiggled and kicked around in his crib. He was making all of his goofy noises and even cracked a few smiles for Mommy.

It really is a miracle that he is doing so well! You would never know that there is an enormous incision on the back of his head. I am overwhelmed with joy and so proud of our little guy.

I took this photo of Miles this morning to capture just how amazing he is!




5 responses

1 04 2008

He is amazing! He does not look at all like he’s been through a major surgery.

3 04 2008

He is a wondrous miracle and a beautiful boy! I am glad his smile is back!

3 04 2008


He’s looking so good. Glad surgery went well! He’s really growing, isn’t he!


24 01 2009
Sarah Clark

Hi, Found your blog thru another hydro blog. I am adding your blog to my blogroll, hope you don’t mind. My daughter also has hydrocephalus.

19 05 2009

Very nice!!

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