all that glitters is greta.

2 04 2008

 img_0844.jpgWell, it’s official. Greta has emerged as a “girly-girl”! She is obsessed with her book Fancy Nancy and her glittery Easter shoes. She wants to wear them with her pajamas, she wants to wear them at nap time. She runs around the house staring at her gorgeous little feet…all the while running into whatever is nearby.


Greta is quite the sophisticated little lady. Some of her favorite foods include- couscous, salmon, fresh mango, spinach and Indian cuisine.  She even has her own political preferences! This morning as I was putting her hair into a ponytail, she exclaimed, “Obama!”… Thanks, Mimi and Papa 🙂




2 responses

4 04 2008

What a doll! We go through lots of pairs of sparkle shoes at our house. It’s amazing how fast they outgrow them!

1 11 2008
Halloween! «

[…] So, come Halloween- Miles was an adorable carrot and Greta was Fancy Nancy. […]

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