baby blues.

16 04 2008

No, I’m not talking about postpartum depression…I’m talking about Miles’ beautiful blue eyes! We had an appointment with the physical therapist and an eye specialist today. The physical therapist continues to be impressed with Miles and the vision specialist said that while he is a little slow to focus on things, so far she doesn’t see anything abnormal with his eyes! We are still keeping our appointment in July with the Pediatric Neuro-Opthalmologist, but we are so relieved that there isn’t anything urgently wrong with his eyes. Eye problems are so common with hydrocephalus, so we were definitely concerned.

Anyway, my blue eyed little boy has been smiling so much, blowing bubbles and he’s even learned how to slobber all over his hands!




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17 04 2008


Miles SO handsome! He is looking great! I bet your ready for summer, to get him out a bit! So glad to here his vision is not going to be a problem.
We see Dr. Bonebrake tomarrow; last time we were there I saw MIles’ picture hanging on their board. I recognized him right away 🙂
Hope all is well!


18 04 2008

Those are gorgeous eyes!!!

25 04 2008

Miles is so cute! I love seeing him smile!! I’m glad to hear the news about his eyes. It’s always so nice when it feels ya can put a worry more behind ya.

Thanks for commenting on my blog so we could “meet”. It’s nice to be able hear how other Hydrocephalus survivors are doing. If it’s ok, I would like to add your link to my blog so it’s easy for me to regularly check out your site.

Take care!

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