greta suzanne.

17 04 2008

What’s new with Greta? Well, she is now on a mission to go outside as much as possible. If I even touch my car keys, she yells, “bye, bye!!!” and claps her hands! She cries every day that Daddy has to go to work because she wants to go with him. It’s a good thing she can’t reach the dead bolt, otherwise I’m pretty sure she would have escaped by now.

She is still enamored with Fancy Nancy. Now she asks for her Fancy Nancy shoes (see post below) and once she is wearing them she points one foot out like a ballerina and says, “ooh, la, la! Fancy Nancy shoes!” The best part is that she can’t actually say, “fancy Nancy” so she just ends up saying, “Nancy Nancy”.

She has also found a new way of expressing herself that we are NOT so crazy about (thank you terrible two’s). If something isn’t going her way she will grunt loudly while sometimes simultaneously hitting something…or sometimes her self. I’ve decided it’s best not to react to this because that seems to fan the flame. So, now she gets angry, grunts, waits a few seconds and then says, “Oh, my!” which has apparently been the way I’ve been reacting to this little display. Isn’t it fun to hear your little ones repeating your words? We are realizing everyday just how careful we need to be with our speech.

I hope you enjoy the photos of Greta “outside”. She had no concept of staying out of the chalk to keep her pants clean. Oh, well- it made for some pretty cute photos.




2 responses

18 04 2008

Ahh…side walk chalk. I may be a terrible mother, but I don’t allow it around anymore because I couldn’t handle having it all over their clothes and bodies. She is a doll!

19 04 2008
Becky (Nana)

Has she tried to write on your foot yet??

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