25 04 2008

This is my gorgeous little sister, Jill. I miss her dearly! She has been living in Switzerland for over a year now. When she left, Greta was not even walking yet! I know she is off living an amazing adventure that only a brave, young woman with no attachments can experience, but I selfishly want her to come back!

Jill was forced 🙂 to live with us before she moved to Switzerland when her home caught fire. I will always treasure those months; drinking tea in the kitchen, doing yoga, watching t.v. in the basement, having her ALWAYS take Joe’s side on every disagreement!

Jill and I did not always have a great relationship, in fact our relationship is something somewhat new. When we were little girls we played together non-stop and got along as only sisters can. We even “ran away from home” together once. But, in a family with 5 kids…no one noticed! (no worries, we ran away to a parked car in the garage and even made ourselves sack lunches)

Once I hit about Junior High age- we no longer spent time together unless we had to. When I was in High School and even College I wanted desperately to be close with my sister, but she couldn’t stand me! I must say, I don’t really blame her. I tend to be one of those bossy, pushy, “I know everything” people. She is patient, thoughtful and also…stubborn. After several years had passed we both had grown up, matured and reached a place where we could really appreciate each others differences. This was however, a fairly recent development. Then…she moved.

I miss her so much and can’t wait till the day I can hear her giggle. If you know Jill, her giggle is pure sweetness 🙂 I’m not sure where she’ll end up in the future, but if it were up to me- she’d be still living in my basement. I guess this must be a taste of what parents feel when their children leave home. You want them to go out and experience life, even if that means being separated from you.

Love you, Jill. I think I’m going to go listen to “Eternal Flame” by the Bangles now…

OH, and I’ve been thinking about starting a “Bring Jill home” petition!




3 responses

25 04 2008

you made it sound like it would be embarrassing. but it is quite the opposite! (don’t tell anyone, it made me tear up… shhh) you are wonderful sherri! love you!

26 04 2008

What a sweet tribute to your sister. I love that picture of her laughing. She is beautiful.

27 07 2009
somebody’s getting married. « eat.make.live.

[…] little sister Jill is getting married!!! I am so excited for her. I have never seen her as happy as she is with her […]

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