I’ve been tagged.

8 05 2008

Kristen, Mommy to beautiful little 2 month old Cayman has tagged me!  I’ve never been tagged before, so here goes!

*What I was doing 10 years ago: Getting ready to graduate from high school.

*5 things on my list to do today

1-take Miles to the Dr. 2-get some sleep 3- take a bath 4-work out 5-clean the kitchen

*Things I would do if I were a billionaire-

Buy homes for myself, my siblings, Joe’s siblings and our parents. Donate the rest.

*3 of my bad habits

Biting my nails, speeding, baking 🙂

*5 Places I’ve lived

1-Wahoo, NE 2-UNL Dorms 3-Lincoln 4-Lincoln 5-Lincoln

*5 jobs I’ve had

1-Rec. Center 2-Nursing home Kitchen 3-The Limited 4-Danley’s Paint & Decor 5-Wedding Florist

*5 People I want to know more about, that means you’re tagged!

1-Dorene- perfect time to start your blog! This could be your first entry 🙂


3,4,5- Hmmm? All my other blogging pals have either already been tagged or have strictly food blogs.




One response

10 05 2008

hmmm…I think I need to move somewhere 🙂

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