9 05 2008

We are ALL 4 sick with a cold.  Greta is starting to feel better, as am I. Joe and Miles are both feeling pretty horrible. I had to take Miles to the Dr. today.  I was concerned about him. He did not really sleep much at all last night because he was so miserable, and he had a fever as well. I just wanted to be safe. They had to draw blood and do a chest x-ray at the pediatrician’s office because the Dr. couldn’t tell what was causing Miles’ infection.  The results were inconclusive, but the Dr. is willing to bet that Miles just has the “family cold” and nothing serious is going on with his shunt. I must say, I do prefer having x-rays done in Omaha. The x-ray machine they use in Lincoln is specifically for babies and it is like forcing a baby into a 2 Liter pop bottle.  We are hoping we all get more sleep toinght 🙂




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