patience and beauty.

19 05 2008

I am blessed to have many talented, loving ladies in my life who have quilted the beautiful quilts below. I admire the patience and creativity it must have taken to make each of these.

a) Grandma Lee-Joe’s Graduation quit b)Aunt Connie-Greta’s baby quilt c)Aunt Claudia- Miles’ baby quilt

d)Grandma Lee-Sherri’s Birthday quilt e)Aunt Connie-Miles’ baby quilt f)Aunt Claudia-Greta’s baby quilt

g)Grandma Bartunek-(Sherri’s Great Grandma) quilt made from her husband’s neck ties h)Aunt LaVerne-Miles’ baby quilt i)Grandma Lee-Joe and Sherri’s wedding quilt





2 responses

21 05 2008

bottom left quilt, is that still in existence!?!

23 05 2008

Those quilts are amazing! I don’t know how to quilt myself…but it’s on my list of things to do in my life :o). I just love the look of quilts

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