Greta 2.5.

3 06 2008

Yes, that is a band-aid on her head. She adores band-aids and insists on one even for the most minor mishaps. Our little girl will be 2 1/2 on the 17th of June. Here are some of the newest, silliest things she’s been doing—-

*She has finally started singing. We had been worried that maybe our little girl wouldn’t be a music geek and wondered if maybe she would be a bad singer- she was just waiting to get it right! She now sings the alphabet (mostly right) and even gets the intervals correct (ok, not all of the time). Daddy is so proud!

*Instead of coming out of her room in the morning, she has taken to curling up in bed quietly with a book. I have no idea where she came up with this nonsense!

*She is no longer attached to the Backyardigans. Now it’s all about Super-Why.

*She has this “saying” she repeats to Miles over and over and ALWAYS in the exact same order. “Hey, Buddy. How you doin’ Buddy… Buddy.”

*A drink is no longer a “dee” it’s a “SHUH-WEEEEEK!”

*She calls all dress shoes “Easter shoes”.

*Her new favorite foods include- Chicken Satay, broccoli dipped in ranch, bagels and lots and lots of strawberries.




2 responses

4 06 2008

I hope she keeps her incredible sparkle and zest for life. I pray that it will be her strength in how she glorifies God. Crazy she is 2 1/2.

4 06 2008

Just looking at that face makes me think she is a girl that would have me entertained all day!! She looks like she has a sparkling funny personality!

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