Miles’ new feat.

4 06 2008

Most of you know that this is a REALLY BIG DEAL for Miles, as lifting his head will be a major milestone! Those of you who haven’t seen a shunt- you can see it really well in this video. Those of you who are familiar with shunts- you can see the extra fluid around the tract that we are always talking about. We are sooo proud!




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4 06 2008


Way to go Miles, you’re such a big strong boy! We’re so proud of you!

Jill Soldatke

4 06 2008

oh my gosh! this is incredible!! I have tears! He’s doing so well. He’s so strong! Is he 5 months here? And he’s had P.T. in your home every week right? for how long? We don’t have anything like that set up for Cayman and I’m thinking we desperately need to.

4 06 2008

Yes! Miles just turned 5 months…yesterday! Oooops! I totally missed that! Now I feel like a bad Mom 🙂
He started PT in our home at just a little over 2 months. She had been coming once a week, but now for the summer comes every 2 weeks or so. Definitely get something set up for Cayman- it’s one more appointment, but has really been a great thing!

5 06 2008

WOW!!! Elisabeth cannot hold her head up like that….and she is 3 months older! Way to go Miles!

8 06 2008

Way to go, Miles!! Woohoo!

Sometimes I wonder if the PT appointments are really doing anything and then Elijah does something that shows they are. :c) Our PT has been on vacation so Elijah missed one of his appointments. It’s been a month since his last PT and I have to admit that it kind of shows. I’ve been working with him, but I can tell he needs the PT.

Hooray for Miles!

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