11 06 2008

God has been teaching me so many lessons. This past year has been full of learning things I didn’t necessarily want to learn. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m in a really good place as far as accepting the trials that God has given me. But, of course, God wouldn’t be, well…God if he didn’t show me that I still have so much to learn!

This past Sunday we were sitting in church.  Joe and I were sitting towards the back and I was holding Miles.  Families with small children are asked to sit in the back of the church for obvious (noise) reasons. It just so happens that the back of the church is also a popular place for the teenagers to sit as well. Last week, there were a group of girls sitting next to us talking loudly almost the entire service. And this week there was a group of 3 high school boys sitting in front of us. One of the boys kept looking back and staring at Miles. From the time we got there till the end of the service,  this boy was just gawking at Miles.  I was thinking to myself, “how rude, doesn’t this kid have a clue??”. Then I was thinking, “I’m not going to let this kid ruin my time at church”, so I just kept on snuggling with my son and listening to Pastor Carl. Still I was having a hard time not thinking about how teenagers are “these days” and just how difficult my sons life could be when people like this kid are inconsiderate and stare at him just because he looks a little different. The service continued on and when it was over, that kid stopped and said, “your little baby is soooo cute!”.  I felt so ashamed. Instead of assuming the very best of this boy, I assumed the worst. This boy was not what is wrong with the world today, but what gives me hope for my children’s future. The kind of teenager whose parents should be proud! The kind of teenager I would like my Miles to be one day. Even us old folks 🙂 can learn from those who are younger.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. -1 Timothy 4:12




2 responses

12 06 2008

What a great story! It’s hard not to assume the worst sometimes….especially because that is usually the way the world is. But that young man taught us all a lesson, didn’t he? And, by the way, he was right…..Mile’s is so cute 🙂

14 06 2008

It stinks that the world has shown itself to be a place where most of the time, thinking the worse is usually how it is. But it definitely doesn’t lead to a better way of life always thinking the worse. What a special way God showed you that. How great that that boy had good intentions. That instead of mocking Miles, perhaps he truly admired your handsome little guy. I’m so glad that boy could recognize how precious Miles is.

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