26 06 2008

Here’s another (better, more recent) video of Miles laughing- sorry it’s sideways!




5 responses

27 06 2008

Oh my gosh……… funny!!

27 06 2008
Kim Podany

baby giggles are great! hey, i got something in the mail from calvary about a drama camp at the church? are you involved in that?

27 06 2008

Kim- I’m not involved with the drama camp…it is actually an outside company that is running it. They are a really good group- so if you are at all interested, I would highly recommend it!

27 06 2008

Oh, I love it! He is totally cracking up!

Elisabeth is a quiet little thing. She hardly makes a peep. I have never heard her laugh like that. I can’t wait till she does!

Miles is such an amazing boy. hearing his sweet chuckles made my night!

28 06 2008

So cute!! His laugh makes me laugh! I was holding Cayman when I watched the videos. Her eyes got big each time Miles laughed. I thought at one point she was going to smile, I could see it starting in her eyes but it never traveled to the rest of face.

Thanks for sharing this video!

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