Arrrrrrgh, mateys!

14 07 2008

Here is Miles showing off his eye patch! We had our first visit with the Pediatric-Neuro-Opthalmologist today. Miles’ left eye turns inward, so we are working on strengthening it by patching his right eye. He doesn’t seem to mind…so far. We are praying that this treatment works so he won’t need surgery. So far this month, we’ve had 2 pretty positive Dr.’s appointments. We still have one appointment with the Neurosurgeon left and we are hoping and praying that he’ll say no surgeries until his cranial reconstruction at about 18 months. Miles is doing so well and making all sorts of funny noises. He thinks everything that Mommy does is funny, and is starting to enjoy his big sister a little more!




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14 07 2008

Did I understand that right that Miles has to have the cranial reconstructive surgery? I didn’t know that. Ugg! Why at 18 months? If his bones are fusing together now that seems like such a long time to wait.

I pray, along with you, nothing additional comes up.

Way to go Miles, on bringing in some good Dr. reports!!

14 07 2008

Here’s to hoping the patch works! We’ll pray specifically for that. Miles is so cute! We need to get together, sorry about not getting back in touch! It’s been a bit busy, but hopefully next week will be better and we could get together and grill or something at the park some evening or maybe just play some morning if it’s cool.??!. Our appointment the 29th is 10:15; when’s yours???

15 07 2008

Oh what a cutie! Even with the eye patch!

I didn’t know that they were planning on the cranial reconstructive surgery at 18 months. It looks like Elisabeth’s will be sometime in the next 2 months. These poor babies of ours are such troopers!

I think it’s great that Miles is starting to interact with his sister. I am sure she will always be a great blessing to him 🙂

15 07 2008

cutest pirate i’ve ever seen! i will keep you all in my prayers.

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