smarty pants.

18 07 2008

Top 10 ways you know your 2 year old should probably be potty-trained.

1.  When she needs to be changed she says, “change diaper, need desitin”.

2.  She can perform tasks like washing the windows, stirring batter and sorting laundry.

3.  She knows her alphabet and letter sounds.

4.  Most of the lyrics from the song “Popular” from the musical Wicked are committed to her memory.

5.  She says things like, “Mommy not fancy. It’s ok, I get accessories!!”

6.  She tells Daddy (who is on crutches) to be careful.

7.  Cleaning her bedroom is an easy task.

8.  She can tell you what interesting things are in each aisle at the grocery store before you see them.

9.  When I wear one of Joe’s shirts to bed- the next morning she notices and says, “Mommy wear Daddy shirt”

10.  She carries Miles’ car seat to Mommy when we are getting ready to go somewhere.

She’s growing up so fast! I think she’s probably capable of understanding the concept of using the toilet. Now if only we could get her potty-trained…any tips??




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18 07 2008

First of all…those pictures of her belong in Parents magazine! Gorgeous!

My two oldest girls both potty trained right at 2 1/2. They are smart girls, but we really couldn’t force it. They did it when they were ready. I bet she’ll have it in no time. It sounds like she is really, really bright.

18 07 2008

Ha ha. I just love seeing pictures of that winning smile! I agree with Lisa…she belongs in Parents magazine…perhaps right on the cover! :o)

21 07 2008
Kim Podany

good luck with the potty training! camryn was trained right after she turned two, then we moved to norfolk and it all feel apart and took about six months to get back on track, so annoying!

21 07 2008
Jacqulyn Miller

Oh, what fun. I totally reccomend “potty training in ONE day!” I did it with both girls and it a fabulous method that cuts down on a lot of pull-ups and long drawn out frustration. There is a book out there somewhere, but the basic concept is you pump them full of juice, pull out the little potty in front of the tv, strip them down and let them sit on it all day. PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE!!! for the outgo and reward with lots of candy! By the end of the day she will be aware of “that feeling” before she goes and be ready for the second day, which is more of the same and so on and so forth until you feel comfortable moving the potty out of the main living space and feel like putting clothes on her. It really takes about three days, not one, but that is what it is called. So clear your schedule and plan on camping out at home for a little while, but it is totally worth it. That is my two cents.

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