first squash.

21 07 2008

Here is Miles enjoying squash for the first time (ssshhh! don’t tell Dad about the girly bib). Let me tell you- he LOOOOVES squash! Usually when I feed him cereal, he eats some, then spits some out, then eats some, then spits some out, etc. Not the squash! He gobbled it up…actually, he gobbled it ALL up. I’m pretty sure that when a baby is trying out vegetables for the first time- they’re not supposed to eat the WHOLE jar! This kid can eat. He is absolutely huge. He has already outgrown his infant car seat and is wearing some 12-18 month clothing…did I mention he is not yet 7 months old?




3 responses

22 07 2008

Miles you are incredible! And what a big boy you are!! A future football player maybe? :o)

25 07 2008

Way to go Miles. Can you please tell Elisabeth that eating is not a bad thing?? She absolutely refuses. Maybe it’s because she has to have a bite of baby food every morning that has been tainted with medicine. She probably thinks that anything on a spoon is going to be nasty. If only she would give it a chance!

26 07 2008

That’s awesome! And adorable! Way to eat, Miles!

I am envious 🙂 My little one is nearly 5 months old and still just the littlest peanut – 3 month old clothing is still big on her!

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