spazzy mcgee.

27 07 2008

Greta is absolutely hilarious. The newest thing is for her to say, “Mommy, stop singing!”. She is VERY serious. She does NOT want me to sing any song that is not a cheesy children’s song.

Today I was trying to explain to her that Mimi is Mommy’s Mom. So, we talked about how Dorene is her friend Audrey’s Mom and Kevin is Audrey’s Dad, etc. Well, I thought she was finally getting it and I asked her, “who is Daddy’s Mommy?” to which she replied, “Kevin”. Hmmmm… guess she doesn’t really have that concept down yet 🙂

Her favorite television show (well probably because it is the only one Joe and I watch) is So You Think You Can Dance. When the show starts, she runs around yelling, “dancing show! dancing show”. Then she mimics each dancer and when the choreography requires a dancer to fall to the floor- she happily throws herself down! Then she says, “OUCH” followed immediately by “I’m OK”.

Greta is a fearless little girl. The only things I’ve ever seen her be afraid of are hairs and bugs. I think we have the bug thing under control now, though. I’ve convinced her that the bugs (house flies) want to play tag with her. So now when she sees one she takes off running and yells, “chase him! Tag!” If you have any advice on the hair thing…let me know.

I love this photo- she looks like she could be 25 years old!




One response

29 07 2008

Somehow I missed reading this post until now!

ha ha. Greta is so cute!! She cracks me up. The stories you have about her are so precious.

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