OG hats.

2 08 2008

I met my online friend, Sara when we were both pregnant. We had both just found out our sons would be born with hydrocephalus. She had her son Owen about a week before Miles. After Miles was born, Sara  sent us 2 hats that they had made especially to fit Miles’ bigger than average head. It was so great to have hats that fit him- especially since it was winter!

Not long after baby Owen was born, Sara started to make hats for other hydrocephalic babies and send them to hospitals. There definitely is a need for them! The charity OG Hats was created. They are now sending hats to babies around the country! They featured Miles’ story in their very first newsletter. Please visit their website and read all about this wonderful charity. If you want to read the newsletter, there is a link at the top of the page. Another great thing about this charity is that you can make donations directly from their website. It only takes a $10 donation to send a hat to 3 babies.  Please take some time and visit their site- www.oghats.com




One response

3 08 2008

What an awesome idea!! The day we brought Cayman home from the NICU I was so excited when they gave her a hand-made crocheted hat that fit her perfectly. It was their only one that was big enough. All the other hats were for preemies.

Can I ask, what was Miles’ head size at birth?

Cayman’s was 48 cm.

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