Father knows best.

15 08 2008

A couple of weeks ago Greta started complaining about her eyes…especially when it is time for bed. So, me being the hard-as-nails Mommy that I am- I just assumed it was Greta being a naughty 2 year old and not wanting to go to bed! I thought, “oh, she must be going through a period where she wants to test Mommy and see if she really has to go to bed”.  Well after a week of her “misbehaving” Daddy said- “maybe we should get her eyes looked at” Of course- I agreed, but was certain that our little girl was just being a bratty toddler just for the sake of driving her Mommy insane! Three days ago, I called the Doctor and they prescribed her eye drops for allergies (guess who else has allergies :)).  She’s been on they eye drops for all of 2 days and is back to her lovely little self! I guess Daddy was right 🙂




3 responses

15 08 2008

Daddy was right count 2, mommy was right count 0

15 08 2008

Response to Daddy’s comment above… LOL :o)

Poor little Greta. That’s nice it was an “easy” fix.

20 08 2008

Thanks for the spiritual encouragement Sherri. Taking some time away to pray to God about it is a for sure great idea!!

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