school girl.

20 08 2008

Look at my little school girl! Today was Greta’s first day of preschool at Lincoln Montessori School.  She was so excited! She has been asking about school everyday since we went to visit a couple months ago. Greta and Mommy loaded up in the van and headed to school!  Today was more like an open house to make sure the kids are comfortable in their new environment.  We were only there about an hour, but in that time I could tell that…

-Greta was the most talkative of all the kids.

-Greta was the bossiest of all the kids (no idea where she gets that).

-If there were a preschool social committee, Greta would be the director!

It was so cute to watch her interact with the other kids.  We arrived first and when the second child came in, Greta squealed and clapped her hands and then exclaimed, “Yaaaay! Kid! Chase him!!”

A special thanks to Aunt Jessica for teaching Greta how to “chase”. 🙂




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22 08 2008

she will have lot’s of friends!

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