Wonderful Nancy.

20 08 2008

Miles had a physical therapy appointment today. This is Nancy, Miles’ wonderful Physical Therapist.  We absolutely love Nancy! I wish every little kid with hydrocephalus had Nancy as their Physical Therapist (but that would make Nancy a very, very busy woman).  She makes sure that Miles is comfortable and safe, but at the same time makes him work hard so he can get stronger- the perfect combination! Next week Miles will have his 6 month review for Early Intervention and we’ll find out how he’s doing developmentally so far.  It is always exciting when Nancy comes over because she is so encouraging and she is diligent about explaining to me what we are doing and why. Miles is really doing so well, and she has played a huge role in that!




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20 08 2008

Thats Amazing. Kadyn has a wonderful physical therapist also. She is so good with handling him and that makes me feel better.

Miles is so handsome and it looks like he is doing really good!

20 08 2008

Nancy looks so sweet! That’s great you have her to help Miles out so much! Early Intervention P.T. was here today for Cayman, but the county we live in is so large that they can’t make a home visit anymore than once every couple months and obviously that is not enough, so starting next week we will start taking Cayman to her P.T. appt’s. The home visit today was just a one time visit to help us correctly stimulate her in her own environment. It was a lot of fun!!

23 08 2008

Yay for Nancy! I love Elijah’s PT, too. She is so fantastic. I agree that it really helps them so much. Elijah’s PT helps him to work hard and understands him so well that she knows when he needs a break vs. when he is just done for the day. LOL I’m so glad we have in-home PT visits.

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