31 08 2008

Isn’t there a saying that boring women have clean homes? I must be the most exciting woman on Earth right now! Seriously, our house looks like one of the lovely homes featured on COPS.




3 responses

31 08 2008

LOL you crack me up!!

1 09 2008

I think it’s the new way of interior decorating; atleast at my house. Kinda like “repurposing”. Fun thing is, it looks new everyday. 🙂
P.S. Thank you for the absolutely selfless offer. I WILL be emailing you! I work this weekend (my holiday) so am a bit tired and am commenting here vs. writing, but will definately take you up on the offer, maybe next week. I’ll email ya and let ya know once I recover from work-it’s been a wild one. You’re a MIGHTY couragoeous woman, ya know-it’s quite the offer!

6 09 2008

I feel ya sister……..I think my house is the neighbor to the house on COPS!!

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