2/3 year.

5 09 2008

***UPDATED*** I can not believe that NO ONE called me out on my horrible math skills! This post was originally titled 3/4 year, but that would be 9 months…not 8. Smooth move, Sherri.***

Ok. I’m a bad Mom again. I just realized TODAY that Miles is now 8 months old. He turned 8 months on the 3rd. Here are some photos of our handsome little boy after bath time- he’ll be a year old before we know it!




One response

8 09 2008

What a sweet boy! thanks for the cute picture in the mail of the kids! I will definately take you up on your offer; my MIL will still be here for his appointment this week and my planner is MISSing- I’ve got to find it tomorrow- and I will email you with my next appointment. We should go to the park some afternoon now that it’s getting cooler! I’ll find my planner and email you early this week!


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