15 09 2008

We are now home! Miles had a seizure on Saturday. So, we spent half of Saturday in the emergency room in Lincoln. Then we were transferred to Omaha for “observation”. We met with a Neurologist today. He basically said that they don’t put a child on seizure medication until they have more than one seizure. Tomorrow, we are to call the Neurologists office to set up an EEG and as long as nothing else happens, he won’t need to see Miles for 4 months. We shouldn’t have to reschedule Miles’ botox treatment that is slated for this coming Thursday.

The seizure itself was very strange. I had always thought that seizures were much more violent. His little foot was just barely twitching. Then the entire left side of his body went completely limp.  That was definitely the most scary part.

A couple hours after the seizure, he was back to his happy little self. He has not had any other seizures since. We are praying that it was just an isolated event.




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15 09 2008

Oh Miles…I’m so sorry to hear you had a seizure.

Did I understand right that that was Miles’ very first seizure ever?

We pray there is no more!!!

15 09 2008

Poor Miles. Unfortunately this seems to be common among hydrocephalus babies. I hope that it was an isolated incident and that you don’t see any more seizure activity. Stay strong, my prayers will be for Miles tonight.

15 09 2008

Oh I am so sorry to hear Miles, and all of you, had to deal with a seizure. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully this was the first and last one of these!!!

16 09 2008

Yes, It was his first ever seizure. He’s doing great today! We are hoping and praying it was his last.

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