22 lbs.

9 10 2008

22 lbs.. Let’s see, that sounds kind of familiar. I’m pretty sure that Greta weighed 22 lbs at her 2 year doctor’s appointment. We just got home from Miles’ 9 month appointment and he weighs 22 lbs. Now. At 9 months. Greta never had fat rolls, and let me just say that I am loving my chubby little baby!

Dr. Ebers said that he is so pleased with Miles’ physical development, but that he is even more pleased with his cognitive development. Music to my ears.  His 9 month official stats are 22 lbs, .5 oz (75th percentile), 30 1/2″  long (95th percentile) and head circumference 52 cm (we won’t get into that one :))

Here’s a photo of the chub working on sitting with his therapy pads.




3 responses

9 10 2008

He looks like he is enjoying that!! Way to go Miles.

10 10 2008

He and Elijah are/were pretty much the exact same size at 9 months! :cD How funny! He is such a cutie. :c) Way to grow, Miles!

12 10 2008

Miles is doing so good!! Does he want to share some of his rolls with Cayman. She’s a tiny girl. Her weight is in the 8th percentile.

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