9 10 2008

Sorry for the negative, feel sorry for myself post. Hopefully no one read it.

It’s gone 🙂




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9 10 2008

What? I didn’t read it. I would have loved to though. Feel free to email me…vent all you want if you ever feel like it. There’s just some days we all need to do that. It’s perfectly acceptable.

9 10 2008

I’m sorry a boy scout made you cry! I agree with Kristen, some times it is necessary to have those days of self-loathing and throw ourselves a pity-party, so you should never feel bad about that.

9 10 2008


I think it’s your blog and sort of your journal! I think, wow, that sounded pathetic after I write some of my posts, but I think it’s IMPORTANT to write them, it’s my (or your) feelings and then we as fellow ‘sister’s in Christ’ know what we can specifically pray for! I truly believe this road would be more difficult if we didn’t have each other. So, please, blog away. 1) it’s your blog 2) we (at least I ) want to know, and 3) It just plain feels good to get it out, even if your feeling sorry for yourself (or your precious, BEAUTIFUL, baby boy!
TRUE friends want to know!

And by the way, I’m the same way, I always think of something clever after the fact! I’m sure that boyscouts mom would be mortified if she knew!
I think Greta, and my other 3 will have that advantage; they will know diversity, and that because people don’t all look the same that there is something wrong with them.

Hope your having a better day! {xoxo}

10 10 2008


12 10 2008

I love what Jill wrote! It’s true. All of it…her 1, 2 and 3 points. I agree especially with point 2. I want to know too. I care about your feelings as well as it’s comforting to hear that I’m not the only one that has days like that. I 100% agree that this road would be more difficult if we didnt’ have each other.

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