16 10 2008

Do I win an award for so many posts in one night?

I’m totally copying my friend Kim! This was a fun post. I’d love to see what everyone else’s favorites are 🙂

Kitchen Appliances: My Kitchenaid mixer
Movies: Amelie, Lars and the real girl, Triplets of Belleville
Music Groups: …I don’t even know where to start…
Magazines: Real Simple, Everyday Food
Blogs: see blogroll
Animals: elephants, peacocks
Fruits: mangoes, plums
Veggies: spinach, asparagus, squash
Nuts/Seeds: pecans
Beverages: Diet Dr. Pepper
Desserts: creme brulee
TV Shows: Flight of the Conchords
Books: the Bible, hmmm…I don’t really read much else.
Spectator Sports: Basketball
Colors: turquoise, green
Restaurants: Venue, The Oven
Tech Toys: my laptop?
Travel Spots: NY, NY and Napa Valley (where we honeymooned)
Kitchen Gadgets: my new Wustof chef’s knife! garlic press
Makeup: mascara
Musical Instruments: Oboe, violin, cello




One response

16 10 2008

Kitchen Appliances: Rotisserie
Movies: I have too many favorites to list
Music Groups: Dave Crowder
Magazines: Better Homes and Garden
Blogs: see my blogroll
Animals: dogs
Fruits: I am a fruit addict..I like all of it!!
Veggies: spinach, asparagus, cucumbers
Nuts/Seeds: pistachio’s
Beverages: Grape Juice, Raspberry Ice Tea
Desserts: pie
TV Shows: Gilmore Girls, Heroes, Smallville, Sara Cronicles
Books: too many to choose from.
Spectator Sports: (Buckeye) Football. It’s the only thing I watch.
Colors: green
Restaurants: Chipotle, Jimmy John’s
Tech Toys: laptop, cell phone
Travel Spots: Venice, CA
Kitchen Gadgets: I’m drawing a blank…I can’t think of one.
Makeup: mascara
Musical Instruments: Flute, violin, and Saxophone if it’s Kenny G

P.S. I posted a couple pictures of Cayman on my last post about her shirt.

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