little mommy.

16 10 2008

Greta is absolutely hilarious! It is already evident that she will make a great Mommy someday.  She is always so concerned with what everyone else is doing. Here are a few things she’s said lately 🙂

-(the first thing she said after waking up from a nap) “I need to go to the library, did you want to come with me?”

-“Daddy, you be careful!”

-(to a stranger at the Doctor’s office who had just yawned) “Are you tired?”

-“Mommy, do you want some honey bunnies?” (sharing her crackers)

-“Mommy, do you have to go poopy?”

-“I’ll be right back!”

-“Miles, It’s OK, buddy- you don’t need to cry.”

-“Sherri, are you making supper?”

Needless to say- we die laughing after almost everything she says!!




2 responses

16 10 2008

Oh how cute!! I love it when little kids start using grown up phrases like these.

17 10 2008

“sherri, are you making supper?” That kills me! They’re all pretty funny actually, but this one had me crackin up!

Good to talk to you the other day! I love that we’re in the same town! Did you get both ‘things’ figured out?

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