looking back.

18 10 2008

It is so easy to get caught up in the things that Miles should be doing. He is not yet crawling, rolling over consistently, etc.  We work and work just to get him to catch up. And we are so busy that I rarely take the time just to look back at how far he has come. I was looking through some old files of photos and decided it would be cool to share a bit of how far he’s come.  Some of the photos from his first 2 months do not even look like the same child! I originally had the song “For Good” from the Wicked soundtrack, as this is Miles’ favorite song. Whenever he hears it, whether it is the CD or Mommy singing it- he immediately calms down and listens intently. Apparently, that song is carefully guarded by copyright, so I had to find a bland, boring song. I think you get the idea though. Enjoy!




3 responses

18 10 2008

I know what you mean when you said about the things Miles is not doing can become so easily the main focus. But what a great idea! A picture montage is a perfect way of looking back and see how far Miles has come. What a blessing Miles is!

18 10 2008

Wow, what great pictures! Lately, I’ve been on that same train; I’ve been so sad with the milestones we’re not meeting-I need to remember that he is such a blessing and a fighter. We’ll either get there, or if we don’t, then we’ll deal with it then!

I’d never heard that song before, when I read the title, and writer, I thought it sounded ‘heavy metal-ish’. Ha!! I googled it, what a beautiful song-I didn’t picture you as one jamming out to metal!

P.S Ironically, though, I’ve thought to myself; boy I wish Matthew was doing things like MILES!! We’re jealous of everything Miles is accomplishing! Sherri, he really is doing awesome!

23 10 2008

Sherri, moms in our situation all feel the same way as you. With Tyler’s 5th birthday approaching, I look at all the things his friends are doing and it gets me so sad. It is so easy to go to that place. But we do need to reflect at all these little miracles have accomplished. They are such fighters and such joys to be around.

Miles looks like such a happy little boy. Great idea to put this together. 🙂

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