21 10 2008

Well, we finally got Miles’ EEG results back. The EEG was done on Oct. 6th. We waited a week and then I called the Dr.;s office to see what was up. They said the doctor had not read the EEG yet (something they usually do within a day of the test) and was on vacation, but would call me sometime the following week. So, we switched Neurologists. We were already a little leery of this Dr. to begin with, but all of this hullabaloo sealed the deal! So, I have been calling this office just to get his results about every other day, and each time I called- I got a different story from who ever I spoke to.

a) Dr. “Blank” is on vacation  b)your son hasn’t been seen in our office yet, so his paperwork keeps getting put in the wrong place c) we need all of your sons other medical records first

WHAT? Just call me with the results!

Finally today,15 days after the test, “Dr. Blank’s” nurse called. She said “Dr. Blank says your son is at risk for seizures (duh!) and if he has another one he’ll have to go on anti-seizure medication (duh!)”

So we waited and waited for someone to tell us a bunch of stuff we already knew. Grrrrr!

The one thing we did find out was that if Miles does have a seizure, he’ll be put on trileptal.

Miles has a great team of Doctors, but when communication is bad…it’s really bad.




2 responses

21 10 2008

I hope you gave Dr. “blank” -no pun intended :)- the boot and asked for Matthew’s neurologist. GRRR… sorry this is so frustrating!!

22 10 2008

It’s pathetic…almost anyone I talk to has these same kind of stories. Sad. Don’t they teach communication skills in college or something.

BTW, I mailed Greta’s hat today. I hope she likes it. 🙂

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