bath time.

8 11 2008


Here’s our cutie in his new “tub”. Our physical therapist, Nancy, recommended that we try this. He had been bathing laying down on a bath sponge, but this made it pretty difficult for him to get to his bath toys! He loved his new tub and I did too. It’s much easier to lift a 25 pound wet baby out of a tub when he is sitting upright!




One response

8 11 2008

That’s creative! Except one thought, I had a laundry basket with holes like that and I cut my finger on the edge of the hole because the plastic was sharp from the inside, but rounded at the outside of the hole. Did that make sense? Maybe I just had a cheapo laundry basket. But either way, this is a very good idea and I’ll to remember it. Your P.T. sure has the best ideas. I’m still in awe over how strong Miles is!

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