I want to see Jesus.

8 11 2008

“Take your finger out of your nose!”

“Be gentle with your brother.”

“We do NOT stand on the table.”

“Do you want to go into time-out?”

“NO whining!”

Some days I feel like all I do is correct Greta. It can be very discouraging (for both of us). There have been days where I have wondered if my little girl felt loved at all!

When your child is only 2 years old it can be difficult to see the fruit of your labors. And, it is hard to say if she really understands why Mommy does the things she does. But, every once and a while I get a moment like this and it makes me realize that we must be doing some things right.

This morning, Greta told me- “I want to see Jesus.”

My heart just melted! I told her, “we won’t be able to see Jesus until we are in heaven, but we can talk to him and pray to him when ever we want!”

I was just overjoyed by the fact that we have presented Jesus to her as a person that she wants to see! It is our prayer that our little girl (and little boy) would desire to know Jesus more with each and every passing year. I can’t wait until she is a little older and I can explain to her that she can see Jesus in many, many things here on this earth; a friendly smile, the beauty of the falling leaves, the love that Mommy has for her children. I love guiding these little hearts!




One response

8 11 2008

Isn’t that just the coolest thing? Kids are sooo in tuned with teh spiritual. They really are eager to meet Jesus. May God bless your children and draw them close. See you there.

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