busy bees.

19 11 2008

Whew! What a weekend we had! Saturday I had a large wedding to deliver. Only 2 more weddings left!

Sunday we celebrated our last church service in our old church building. It was such a neat service and made us realize once again how blessed we are to have such a wonderful church family and that the church really is the people and not the building.  Immediately after church, we jetted off to Council Bluffs (Joe went to work 😦 ) for lunch with Joe’s mother. After lunch Miles and I went to a Birthday party for Joe’s cute little cousin, Adam while Greta and “Co-K”, as Greta calls her, went to a musical.

After the Birthday party, we had dinner at Joe’s mothers and stayed the night. I love staying at her house! This woman has the art of homemaking down to a science. She always has a fabulous meal waiting for us and of course a homemade dessert. Anything a person could possibly need, she has fully stocked and ready to go. Each of her grandchildren even has their own room in her house!

Monday, Debbie (a.k.a, Joe’s Mom, Grandma K and Co-K) stayed with Greta and Miles while Joe and I went to work. Then it was dinner and back to Lincoln!

Here are some photos from our weekend. Some of the photos are from the Birthday party, one is from Greta and Co-K “flying”, and another is Miles being held by his beautiful great-Grandmother (doesn’t she look amazing!)  I am truly, truly blessed to have not just one but 2 wonderful mother-in-laws. I really can not relate to all of the stereotypes. You’d think with two, there might be at least one “whacko”- but NO! I’ve completely lucked out.  They are delightfully different from one another but each one is just lovely.






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19 11 2008

I love Miles in the Harley hat. Oh he’s so handsome!!

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