santa who?

7 12 2008

We do not do Santa at our house.  Yes, we are weirdos.  Growing up, Joe and I both believed in Santa. For me, Santa and the idea of lots and lots of presents definitely overshadowed the real Christmas story;  which of course is the story of Jesus coming to this earth as a baby to redeem our souls. We decided that for our family, we did not want the focus of our Christmas to be anything other than the anticipation and celebration of Christ’s birth.

Anyway, the way that Greta reacts to Santa is has become quite funny. Last year, she saw Santa on some wrapping paper and called him a pirate! To her defense, he did have black boots and a big belt on- I can kind of understand what she was talking about.  A couple of days a week, the kids come with me to work at the flower shop. They have a life sized  Santa that talks and dances if you press the button. Greta is TERRIFIED of him! She literally runs away screaming and crying. At the bank today she told me, “Mommy, I’m scared of the Christmas guy. I don’t like to press the button.”

It’s cute and funny now, but I am really looking forward to explaining to her why we do not use Santa to celebrate Christmas when she is a little older.  To me, Christmas is so much more than simplistic reindeer and elves. In celebration of the birth of Jesus, I have made some ornaments for our tree. My dear friend, Dorene, had the idea of making ornaments with the some of the different names of Jesus. I promptly STOLE that idea 🙂 Hers turned out so beautiful and classy. Black and silver…so crisp and classic. Mine are—well, “me”.  Sloppy and colorful. We had fun making our ornaments and I love what they add to our tree.  Now when I pass by our tree and see one of the names-  I am reminded of songs and Bible verses. How cool is that?!?!








6 responses

7 12 2008

What beautiful ornaments!

7 12 2008

I love the ornaments and the pure emphasis you put on the real meaning of Christmas.

7 12 2008

I think your ornaments look great! And I don’t think you are weirdos. :cD We do Santa here, but he’s different than most others do it. Santa brings each child one gift and then Kirk and I give them each 3 gifts(we got the number from the 3 wise men, of course). They get one thing they need, one thing they want, and one thing that is educational. We also do stockings, but they are never even close to full. They get an apple, a clementine, a piece of candy or two and then a couple small things like a pair of mittens or a hat(usually made by me), chapstick or things like that. We read the real story of Christmas from the scriptures every Christmas Eve. I really love how calm and low-key Christmas is around here. Since Elijah was born so close to Christmas, it has a bit of added meaning to me now and is even more about joy and miracles. :c)

Greta’s reaction to Santa made me giggle. Poor thing!

7 12 2008

i may be promptly stealing that idea as well!

7 12 2008

I think I might steal it too!!

8 12 2008

Well, we can join you then in weirdo camp. We don’t do Santa either. It got a little hard when the kids hit that certain age that they want to tell their friends that there is no such thing as Santa, they’ve always known this. We really try hard to teach them the reason for Christmas. Another tradition that we do is each get to pick a name off the tree at church and buy a gift for someone less fortunate. They love it!!

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