8 12 2008

Well, we are back from the emergency room. Greta was climbing the chair in our living room and fell off.  I  could tell immediately by the way she was crying that her arm was broken.  Once I took a look at her arm, I knew for sure.

We only live 3 minutes from the hospital , so I loaded up the kids and headed over. A couple of x-rays later it was official…broken arm.  I just can’t get over how tough she is! I knew Miles was tough, but had no idea that Greta was too. She broke her arm at 5:30pm and by 7:30 she was making jokes with the nurses. She was even in good enough spirits to make a few phone calls. On her phone call to my mother she said, “I broke my arm today.”  It was too cute.

Daddy and Mommy spoiled her with a “pretend Birthday party” when we got home. She is completely fascinated with Birthday parties right now, so we used this to our advantage. We kept her calm during the x-rays by reminding her if she was a good girl- we could have cake and ice cream at home.

She has a splint and a sling right now and in a couple days once the swelling goes down, they will do a cast. I hope they have aqua blue 🙂 I’ll have to post some photos of her tomorrow.  I’ve never seen such a teeny, tiny sling. It is the cutest thing ever. We are praying that she gets lots of sleep tonight! It’s been a long day.




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8 12 2008

Oh No!!!!

You and I have had rough weekends!

Well….I suppose our children had it a little rougher than we did 🙂

Get well soon Greta!

8 12 2008
jill suzanne

i wrote you an email asking what happened but now i see. Sounds like she’s dealing with it very well 🙂

8 12 2008

What a trooper!!

8 12 2008

Wow! Poor baby! I hope she’s feeling better! Can’t wait to see her cute little cast pictures! I hope all these sibling injuries aren’t ‘catchy’! I’m a little nervous 🙂

8 12 2008

kids are so resilient! mine have both had stitches and done way better than i expected!

9 12 2008

How old is she? I forget. :cP Sheri broke her arm when she was 4.5. It was a similar experience to yours. I knew the minute I saw it that it was broken. Wait until you see the teeny cast! And they can pick the color! We still have Sheri’s cast. They gave it to us when they cut it off. It is so small!

I hope she heals fast and well!

9 12 2008

Oh No! Poor little sweetheart! I guess 2 years old aren’t indestructible. :o)

11 12 2008

Poor babe! That little sling is adorable! Is she enjoying the fact that people can write on and decorate her cast?

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