not too shabby.

13 12 2008

Greta has been recovering well. Ok, that might be an understatement. The day after she broke her arm, she was back to her silly self- jumping on the couch singing “God is bigger than the boogey-man” (of course, I told her to STOP jumping before she broke her other arm). She has not yet complained of pain, so I’m thinking she’s doing just fine!

The night after Greta broke her arm, Aunt Jessica surprised her with a get-well-soon balloon and all the trimmings for a gingerbread house. Greta had so much fun making her house. What a wonderful memory she will have of her lovely Aunt Jessica. Greta absolutely adores Jessica! Here are some photos of the girls making the house (it looks more like an igloo).


Today Greta had more visitors. Kevin, Dorene and Audrey came by to give their “get well”  wishes. They brought Greta some adorable presents that she can use at her Fancy Nancy Birthday party next week! She loved her new fan and fancy purse so much she didn’t set them down all day.





2 responses

13 12 2008

Greta looks like she is always a blast to be with!!!

13 12 2008

I love that periwinkle blue cast 🙂

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