Dr. “Right”

23 01 2009

If you keep up with our carepage, I apologize for another double post. It was a long day! Here I go being lazy again…

Today we had our first appointment with the Neurologist. We LOVED her! She looked over Miles and went over his medical history as well as the progress he has made so far. She told us that she had reviewed his charts and knew he had hydrocephalus and was born with an encephalocele, but that when she walked in the room, Miles was NOT the child she was expecting. She was VERY impressed with how well he is doing in all areas. She even went on to say that we made her day. Apparently on paper, Miles should not be doing as well as he is. He is truly a miracle!
She wants to see him in 3 months just to make sure he is still doing well with his anti-seizure medication.
As the parent of a special needs child- it just never gets old to hear how well your child is doing! We are so thankful that God has blessed us so greatly.

*Oh, this post is titled Dr. Right because we really, really like this Neurologist. The first Neurologist that met with Miles, I nicknamed Dr. Blank, but now I’m thinking that Dr. Wrong is more appropriate since Dr. “Right”‘s name is in fact. Dr. Wright. 🙂




2 responses

23 01 2009

How funny that their names kind of match up with their personalities.

Miles is a miracle. Whenever I read your blog and see the amazing things that he is doing it is hard to believe that he is a hydro baby. Because he seems so far beyond everyone else I keep up with. He is an inspiration to all! Glad to hear about your happy day!

23 01 2009

So glad you liked her! I know we do! Even though she’s tougher to get into, it’s worth the wait

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