27 01 2009

Ok. It’s official. I’ve made a resolution for 2009.

*****To be less self centered******

Sure, we are all a little self centered. It is our nature.  I was at the grocery store tonight and let the person behind me in line go in front of me (he only had 2 items). This is something I used to do all the time, and it dawned on me that I don’t think I’ve done that once in the last year!  I’m not perfect. I’ve never been perfect, but I’m pretty sure I used to be  a lot less self centered. I used to be the kind of person who would never forget to send a thank you card. The kind of person who would just send a note in the mail letting someone know I’ve been praying for them, or that I’m thankful for them. Something has happened.

I can pinpoint it to the exact date- September 13, 2007. This of course, was the day we found out that something would be “wrong” with our baby. When you get news like that, the only way to survive is to go into protection mode.  I  spent so much time praying, worrying, thinking, researching about this disease.  Then when Miles was born, I spent all of my time caring for him, setting up Dr.’s appointments, therapy appointments and again thinking, praying, worrying  if he’d meet a milestone or if something else would go wrong. I would be a horrible mother if I didn’t do those things. But…enough is enough! No matter how bad things are, there is always someone worse off.

I think it’s time to pop the bubble I’ve been living in. I resolve to notice, help, appreciate those around me. Because, I haven’t been doing my job!




One response

28 01 2009

Wow.. I can totally relate to what you have posted here! Of course, I have only been in “my bubble” since November of 2008 but that is long enough! Thank you for making me realize that there is more to life and we need to experience it and love others along the way. 😀

Hope that you have a wonderful day!

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