8 02 2009

Well, hello friends! I took a little “blog-cation”–hee hee—get it? My last post was January 28th and we have been moving at lightning speed ever since. Since then, we have packed,  moved,  unpacked, had three dead car batteries, two sick kids, one 103 temperature, sang 20 songs at an event, had family stay over night, stayed out of town overnight, had 3 music rehearsals,  Joe started a new job, had Miles’ first appointment with his new physical therapist aaaaaaand- I think that’s it!

Phew! Things will be back to normal soon 🙂




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9 02 2009

And to think, just yesterday I was wondering “What’s Sherri up to. She hasn’t blogged in over a week!”

Holy Cow you’ve been busy…no that’s beyond busy! That is just plain chaotic and insane!! But now that you have proven you can manage through all sorts of chaos, I hire you to come move us in a couple weeks. :o)

I hope you’re enjoying your new place and Miles’s new P.T. is as wonderful as Nancy was (I think that was her name).

9 02 2009

I am exhausted just reading through your list of ‘what you have been up to!’

(and I thought I was busy!)

Welcome back!

9 02 2009


You really have been busy!! I was wondering where you were! I can’t believe you had to get a new P.T. Nancy was awesome; if I remember. I think I’d have a mental breakdown if we had to leave our O.T. She is so good with Matthew! I don’t know what we’d do without her.
Good luck in your new home! I’m hoping you love it and Joe loves his new job.
What’s with the three batteries???

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