time to retire?

17 02 2009

Ok. These are a pair of my favorite shoes. They are earth shoes. Earth shoes are designed to simulate what it feels like to walk barefoot in the sand. I LOVE them. They are so comfortable, but I have had them for at least…I am ashamed to say…6 years! My question to you is—is it time to throw my dear old friends in the trash? Yes, they might be covered in paint splatters and who knows what else, but they do not smell funky and are still soooo comfy.





6 responses

17 02 2009

Keep them! Keep them!

{I had a pair of beloved clogs that I was bullied into giving up because they were so bedraggled. I loved them and I wish that I had kept them. I was in fact thinking about them yesterday}

17 02 2009

I voted…KEEP THEM!

17 02 2009

Throw away comfy shoes??? I hope you aren’t really considering that! And they don’t stink?… That’s a bonus!

17 02 2009

Keep them! comfy shoes are worth it! My favorite pair need to be resoled badly, but I love them! You can’t throw them away, they still have lots of life left in them!

18 02 2009

Keep Them…. 😀

5 03 2009

Keep them!

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