greta’s new words.

3 03 2009

Our little 3 year old can be so adorable and fun! She has created her own words. She frequently says yester-week and last-er-day. I’m pretty sure they both mean yesterday and tomorrow 🙂 We just love hearing what she comes up with…except... Today Miles had a doctors appointment in Omaha.  Children’s hospital in Omaha is a really cool place (if you have to be there) There is a little stream that runs down the lobby with rocks and pebbles and Greta thinks it is just great. As far as I know, she has only great memories of our trips to the hospital, right?? NO!

She was pretty excited to see the lobby and I promised her that we could look at the water on our way out.  We went up to the 3rd floor and waited in the waiting room. Greta and Miles had a great time playing with the toy castle and pirate ship. THEN we were escorted to our room. The P.A. came in to take Miles’ history and vitals. As soon as she laid a hand on Miles, Greta shouted, “You are NOT going to poke his arm!!!!!” Then she proceeded to squint her eyes to look really, really intimidating. I think at one point her little cheek was twitching! I explained to her that it was not appropriate for her to talk to people that way and assured her that Miles would not be getting poked today.

It was so endearing that she was so protective of her little brother, but I could not believe her reaction! So, apparently she does remember our little trip to Omaha last month for the bloodwork. I think I’ll be finding a sitter for Miles’ future appointments 🙂




3 responses

4 03 2009

That is hilarious….wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one!!

4 03 2009

Oh how sweet that she is protective of Miles. My 2 year old hovers over his little brother when poeple want to look at him. I love her new words too. Isn’t great how they grow up & figure out the world around them?

9 03 2009

That’s awesome! That is exactly what big sisters are for – to protect their little brothers. You go Greta!

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