menu planning.

12 03 2009


Dorky confession- I really look forward to planning our menu each week. Not only does it save us money, and help us eat healthier, but it completely eliminates the “what are we going to eat” question.  I start my menu planning each week by looking at the weekly sale items available at our local grocery store.  Next, I find recipes that coordinate with the sale items and make a list. I always make my grocery list in sections; produce, meat, dairy, boxed/canned, baking, frozen and miscellaneous.  This way when I am shopping with 2 little ones I do not have run back and forth all over the store.  Once I get home, I write my menu on the chalk board.  I never assign certain meals to certain dates, that way we have some wiggle room to eat what we feel like (until the end of the week :)).




5 responses

12 03 2009

I definately need to organize my shopping, I am constantly going from one end to the other! I love your recipes too!
Have you met with anyone about a cranio surgery? We have our consult on the 25th & I’m a nervous wreck! I was wondering how you were doing?

13 03 2009

We are going to the craniofacial clinic at Children’s hospital in Omaha on the 23rd. I am terrified 😮 I’ll let you know how it goes!

13 03 2009

You are such a good Mommie…I want the recipe for velvet chicken….sounds yummy!!

13 03 2009

I really should do this again…I tried it once and it was great, but I think I tried to be too structured….I should try it more like this. My husband actually asked me to do menu planning again…we eat more varied meals, and it’s just better 🙂

13 03 2009

I do plan our meals for the week too…but yours sounds soooo yum!

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