13 03 2009


I think we’ve tried every possible sippy cup known to man with no luck, then…FINALLY…today, we found one that Miles will use!  He can’t quite drink out of it while sitting up yet, but he was so excited to use his little cup today. He kept looking at it and smiling, and then he’d take a drink and then look at it and smile again. I think he was pretty proud of his big boy cup!




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13 03 2009

It is hard to find one they like and want to use.

Nowadays, I have to find one that Violet won’t chew…and only last a few days!

13 03 2009

How cute is that! What a big boy!

13 03 2009

That is cute!!

The pediatrician talked to us about starting to use a sippy cup for Cayman but she just learned to hold her bottle on her own yesterday! That was exciting! I posted pictures this morning about it. I don’t want to hold her back but I want to enjoy the moment for awhile that my baby can hold her own bottle before I try to push her into something new like a sippy cup. What do you think? Should I push the sippy cup or hold off?

15 03 2009

So ironic that you posted this because just about an hour ago I was talking to Donald and my mother in law and wondering if Elisabeth would always use a bottle. I just can’t even imagine her with a sippy!

Way to go Miles! So grown up 🙂

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