april fools.

20 03 2009


Miles’ surgery for his hernia/hydrocele has been rescheduled for April 1st. No, it’s not an April Fools joke 🙂  We had to reschedule his surgery which was scheduled for last Wednesday because of an ear infection. The little man is army crawling like mad all over the house. I’ll have to post a new video so you can see how fast he’s gotten!




4 responses

20 03 2009

Sorry to hear it had to be re-scheduled, hope his ear infection is clearing up.

It’s hard when you semi prepare for a surgery only to have to prepare all over again.

Would love to see the video when you get a chance to post it

20 03 2009

I am so excited for the video!! Don’t forget! I will keep reminding you!!

20 03 2009

someone was just telling me recently how friday the 13th’s and april fools are days that people won’t schedule surgery. too funny. but you’re not superstitious right? i pray God watches over him and has total control over the surgeons hands.

21 03 2009

D’oh! how frustrating to reschedule. I will be praying hard for a successful surgery for Miles. And pretty please post a video of him movin’!!

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