I’m terrified.

24 03 2009

Well, we had our appointment at craniofacial clinic yesterday. I was really hoping that we would go, they would answer a bunch of questions and I would feel at ease and peaceful about these upcoming surgeries. Not so…I am terrified.  The plan is for them to basically take Miles’ skull apart and reassemble it in a more “normal” shape.  Then 6 months later to do the same thing with his forehead. This surgery is mostly cosmetic, but all the doctors I’ve talked to seem to think it will help him to be able to walk sooner. I really do want my son to have every possible chance to have the very best life possible, but this is scary stuff.  Please keep us in your prayers. Pray that we would be following hard after God’s will.  Pray that the actual surgeries would go perfectly and that Miles would heal quickly.  The first surgery will most likely be in June sometime. Gulp.




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24 03 2009

*sigh* Decisions about surgery that deal more with vitality of life than the longevity of it are tough to face. I hope the surgery comes and passes with as much ease as possible.

24 03 2009

I’m praying that God will show you which direction is best for Miles. It sounds like very extensive surgery and I’m sure it’s very scary! He’s doing so well, Sherri! He’s really amazing. {Maybe he could teach Matthew some of his tricks??} Here’s hoping you have peace with your decision!

24 03 2009

I am praying for your peace of mind, successful surgergies & Miles’ speedy recovery. The first cranio dr. we saw said pretty much the same thing to us & it is scary. I’ll be thinking of you & praying for you.

24 03 2009

I’ll be praying that God gives the Doctors the knowledge and skill to do the correct thing for Miles. I will also be praying for peace and strength for your family.

God Bless!

25 03 2009

i have you and joe in my prayers! Miles has great parents and a great big sister and a God that loves him very much! I know that its hard to remember sometimes, but God never gives you more than you can handle! I know that your decisions will be tough, but they will be the best for your little boy! Let me know if i can do anything else for you!

25 03 2009

We’re thinking and praying for you all. I hope everything goes smoothly.

25 03 2009

Thinking of you!

25 03 2009

We’re thinking and praying for you.

7 04 2009

You will certainly be in my thoughts and in my prayers. Continue to have faith in God’s ability to provide both you and your family with the strength and healing you will need to make it through. All the best!

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