such a lady.

26 03 2009


Today Greta’s fascination with dresses spilled over into my closet! She insisted on wearing this skirt of mine and was so frustrated that it was WAAAAYYY too big 🙂  So we came up with a solution and she wore it all day…until she broke the clothes pin!




4 responses

26 03 2009

such style!

27 03 2009

Oh, greta! You are something else!

27 03 2009

She is quite the little diva!!

28 03 2009

LOVE the crown with the skirt!
as far as support/info on cranio stuff, I have found a few places. There is, and the Jorge Pasoda Foundation that can match you up with a mentor- someone who has “been there, done that, has the t-shirt” sort of thing. There are also 2 hydro kids who have undergone cranial surgeries. Their websites are & http://www.little I emailed the mom of Charlie, but hav’nt heard back- she does have 6 kids, so I’m assuming she’s busy.
We are now waiting for a surgery date…..

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