G.K. Chesterton.

30 03 2009

I’m not sure exactly how old I was, but I would guess sometime in my early highschool years I had an obsession with looking up and memorizing quotations.  I would go to the library, find the very thick books on quotations, look up any particular saying that I found relevant to my teenage life and commit it to memory.  Sometimes I would write out a quotation on paper, make it all pretty and hang it on the wall.  Looking back, I can see that it was the beginning of my thirst for the word of God. I was looking for wisdom, answers from those who knew much more than I.  Now that I am older, I get any wisdom I need from the Bible.  I actually do not read much else.  Memorizing scripture has been an invaluable asset to my life as a Christ follower.  As a throwback to my highschool days, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite quotes as of late. They are all quotes of G.K. Chesteron…

“The main point of Christianity was this: that Nature is not our mother: Nature is our sister.”

“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried.”

And my favorite-It’s long, but worth it!

“Because children have abounding vitality, because they are in spirit fierce and free, therefore they want things repeated and unchanged. They always say, “Do it again”; and the grown-up person does it again until he is nearly dead. For grown-up people are not strong enough to exult in monotony. But perhaps God is strong enough to exult in monotony. It is possible that God says every morning, “Do it again” to the sun; and every evening, “Do it again” to the moon. It may not be automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike; it may be that God makes every daisy separately, but has never got tired of making them. It may be that He has the eternal appetite of infancy; for we have sinned and grown old, and our Father is younger than we.”




3 responses

30 03 2009

I think that is so interesting that you used to commit quotes to memory. I am a total quote person….they always get me all inspired!

Thanks for sharing these today 🙂

31 03 2009

i can totally relate! in jr high and highschool i was always collecting quotes and poems, i think i still have them in notebooks and folders somewhere in a storage box!

1 04 2009

I can relate to your love of quotes and wisdom too. Your thirst for the Word of God is inspiring and well written in this post.

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