the even queen.

30 03 2009

I think Greta’s (annoying) obsession with being a princess has ended!  For about 2 weeks now, she would not let anyone call her by her name—only “princess”.  If you say something like, “were you a good girl at church?” or “you’re such a cutie”,  she’ll reply with, “I’m a princess!”.  We watched the movie Enchanted last night. This movie was what originally set her princess obsession off. Upon viewing it again last night, she has decided that she wants to be the evil queen! But, she doesn’t really understand the word evil yet, so she calls herself the even queen.  She was practicing her best evil face last night for daddy and mommy and it was hilarious! I think we may have a future actress on our hands. She would give us her evil glare and we would laugh, but she would NOT break character!




One response

30 03 2009

How funny! That reminds me of my son Tyler! He says he is the “evil master” but i don’t know where he got that one from . LOL

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