hangin’ in the kitchen.

1 04 2009

Now that Miles has gotten much better at his army crawling, he has ventured into the kitchen. Greta spends a lot of time at her little table in the kitchen and Miles spends a lot of time exploring in the kitchen. I think this is great for him except for when he pulled the entire crockpot off of the shelf….and then there was the time he tried to eat the dust pan…oh, well.  It’s all a learning experience!


Notice Greta’s lovely hat from our friend Kristen!!?!




4 responses

1 04 2009

I am still just amazed and thrilled over Miles’ army crawling. He needs to talk to Cayman. Lately all she wants to do is cry during physical therapy. She’s just happy to roll around, but does not want to sit or get into our a crawling position.

My heart swells with pride to see Greta is still getting some good use of her hat.

2 04 2009

I love the kissy picture, it is so sweet!

3 04 2009

Good job Miles!, hope there was no bumped heads or fingers from the crock pot episode!

7 04 2009

I love Greta’s hat! I don’t know her other than through your blog, but it seems to fit her personality perfectly! SO CUTE!

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