poor little guy.

22 04 2009

0111Miles had his hernia surgery last Wednesday. Everything went very well. A couple days later he was back to normal…then a couple of days after that, he was sick 😦 Miles has a sinus infection and has been pretty crabby for the last couple of days.  This little guy needs to get better so he can help Mommy work in the yard! He is still very close to crawling, so stay tuned 🙂




5 responses

22 04 2009

It’s amazing how fast they can recover from surgery!!

It’s so sad when a kid gets a sinus infection. It’s gotta be miserable not knowing how to blow your nose!!

I am on the edge of my seat, waiting to see Miles crawl!! :o)

22 04 2009

So sorry to hear about the sinus infection 😦 Those are the worst!

Can’t wait to see the crawling! You are always so good about videos…so I know we’ll actually get to ‘see’ it!!!

22 04 2009

hi friend! i didn’t realize you were back to posting, i thought you still didn’t have a computer! i’m glad i have a way to check in on you again 🙂

23 04 2009

Sorry to hear about the sinus infection. Bummer. I can’t wait to see the crawling video, Go Miles!!!!
p.s. I made peach dump cake & it rocked!

23 04 2009

Glad to see that you still have a way to post occasionally. I’m ready for the park….lets do it…my week next week looks pretty good…give me a call if you get time.

Sorry to hear Miles is sick…I’m glad that it’s finally warming up and we can kill all these germs..

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